The discovery of the connection between the 3K-radiation of the space and the mass of the electron

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the quantitative connection between the 3K-radiation and

                   the mass of the proton

                   the constant of gravitation

                   the redshift

                   the deflection of light by the sun

                   the Electric- and Magnetic constants of field

                   the energy of bond for the Hydrogen-Molecule

                   the emission of light by the Hydrogen-Atom

                   as soon as the 21cm-radiation by the Hydrogen-Atom


the qualitative connection between the particle of the 3K-radiation (Betome) and

                   the mass

                   the energy

                   the temperature

                   the motion

                   the unsharp-relation

                   the neutrinos

                   the dark matter

                   the electron on the double-slit

                   the Efimow-declaration

                   the Schroedinger-equation

                   the theory of relativity

                   the standard type of the physics



            Name: Imrich Bartosch

            By profession: Chemical Engineer

            Year of birth: 1941

            Date: December 2010

            Place: Halle (Saale)




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